"E-intensive network and party peers" 2nd Daxing Netizen Festival opened today


"E-intensive network and party peers" 2nd Daxing Netizen Festival opened today

In order to realize the normalization of Daxing District, the "I have practical practice" I am practicing ", I am actively innovating in Daxing District, and I hire network big V to serve as" Xingong Recommendation "and use the network to help farmers farmers.

After the start-up, "Daxing Netizen" through live broadcast and live in the form of Mai Mai, all-round multi-angle promotes the promotion of Daxing culture, Daxing products, Daxing characteristics, and promotes the communication and network sales promotion of Daxing District Agricultural Products Network. According to reports, "Daxing Netizen" is the establishment of the Daxing District Committee, and actively promotes the creation of a collection of online celebrities, all walking of the enthusiasm of Daxing, and the positive energy team of the leaders of all walks of life, an active Groups of major networks.

2021, the second "Daxing Net Goujie Festival" aims call on more netizens to join the maintenance of a good network environment team, there is civilized network literacy, and the law-abiding behavioral habit, with positive energy behavior, actively affect people around them, together Building a Civilized Harmonious Network Space.

In order to better disseminate the construction of network spiritual civilization, play a greater network positive energy communication leading role, and the activities invited Fan Yiting, 2021 "Beijing Outter", "Board Uncle" Wu Xuefang, Daxing Yin Fengxian, director of the Department of Respiration and Crisis Medical Medicine, Capital People’s Hospital, Capital Spiritual Civilization Construction Award, the beautiful city Daxing District Community Civilization Volunteers Guo Ying came to the scene to give them a "Daxing Netizen" trophy.

The relevant person in charge of Daxing District said that the next will continue to innovate network propaganda forms, play the characteristics of the mainstream publicity positions of the Internet, bring together network strengths of all walks of life, enhance local network culture, guiding, influence, enriching netizens Network culture life, promoting the healthy development of network culture in the region, building a network space of the wind, and creates a high-rise network culture atmosphere.

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