The case is the secretary of "Fancy"


The case is the secretary of "Fancy"

Ma Guiying, deputy director of Wenshan Professional Bureau, Yunnan Province, welcomed the Wenshan State Public Security System, from 40 years, and talking to the office. However, he knows the law, law enforcement is illegal, and all kinds of "fancy" money, cross the red line, break the bottom line, and finally "horse" missed the hoof. On September 30, 2020, Ma Gui welcomed a serious violation of law and discipline, accepted discipline review and supervision. After investigation, Ma Gui welcomes the director of the Fu Ning County Public Security Bureau, Secretary of the Public Security Bureau of Wenshan County (City) Public Security Bureau, the staff of the Swinshan Public Security Bureau, the position of the deputy director, the position of the deputy director, for others to deal with the conflict dispute, and pay the project Funding provides help, and has received more than 200 million yuan for the boss of the boss.

On April 9, 2021, Ma Guiying was opened to the party, and opened out public office. Ma Gui welcomed the birth of ordinary families, in the age of materials, as a big brother in the home, he passed his family’s burden.

Later, he entered the Wushan Overseas Chinese Farm Police Station and opened the maintenance of the past 40 years.

According to his own words, it is "poor fear" from small.

So, in 1993, Ma Guaing welcomed a business of reselling ore with a Hunan boss, whereby he went far from "Fancy" fishing.

One day in July 2012, the uncle of the merchant Zhengmou fights with others, and the Wenshan Municipal Public Security Bureau made the punishment decision on the 3rd of administrative detention. Zheng Mou immediately found the emotion of Ma Gui.

Ma Gui welcomed Yin Moumou, director of Wenshan City Detention Center, and then, Zheng Mou’s uncle did not step into the door of the detention room, it has been released.

In order to express your gratitude, Zheng Mou took the name of the New Year, invited Ma Gui to welcome the home, after a meal, Zheng Mou sent to Ma Guiying 5,000 yuan cash red envelope, in the next few years, Ma Gui welcomes Zheng Mou’s so-called "New Year’s money" is more than 1 million yuan. "We often eat together, drink tea. Have a red envelope in the holiday, Mid-Autumn Festival is a five thousand, the Spring Festival takes 10,000, we are this to build emotions.

"Zheng Mou has a" Communication Cheat "with Ma Guaing. In 2010, Zheng Mou’s mine has undergone public security incidents. The company is unable to coordinate. Zheng Mou will immediately find Ma Gui to welcome the request to help, Ma Gui welcomes .

Afterwards, Zheng Mou took 100,000 yuan to give Ma Gui asked Ma Gui, and Ma Gui welcomed two words.

"Do you have a ‘idle money’? If you have, you will give me a business, and pay it according to the bank’s income." When the merchant Wang, Mou, Ma Gui, greeted the investment and financial management. "Fa Cai" Road. In 1995, Ma Gui welcomed some of the income of the reselling ore to give Wang Moumou helped "to care." It is said that it is "thared", actually Gao Li lend. According to Ma Gui, he will pay more than 2 million yuan in the "financial management" of Wang Mou.

However, Ma Gui is not satisfied.

In 2001, we partned with others, and an automobile repair shop in Jishan County was investing in 100,000 yuan.

I thought it was also a big earning, but because of the misalignment of business management, I didn’t get expected revenue, so Ma Guiying also stoveped again, and the idea of ??investing in the investment mine.

In November 2010, Ma Gui welcomed Hu Moumou, chairman of Wenshan State, "borrowed" $ 1 million, and smashed into the mining resources. In order to avoid organizational surveys, I also wrote a borrowing, but Hu Moumou torn the borrowing between the friends. Later, due to another case to investigate Huou’s abnormal economy and the relationship, Ma Gui welcomed himself to reveal his horse, and added a borrow to Hu Moumou.

The case personnel have also found in the survey that Ma Gui welcomes the long-term account for the company’s vehicle to use itself until he is not returned when he is taken. His wife bought a fund with someone else, but Ma Guiying never filed a report in his personal concern, and defended "uninformed". He also purchases a commodity house with your own name and enjoy preferential policies.

"Wu Mou sent more than 800,000 yuan? I can’t remember. Chen sent 500,000 yuan? I didn’t impress it." Ma Gui welcomed money has been unknowing. Ma Gui welcomes the branch card, specially accepts and stores bribes. It is ridiculous that Ma Guaing welcomes 1.3 million yuan of bribery that he accepts in 13 years has not moved. When the case person asked him why he did not use it, he said that it always felt that money was problematic. Although Ma Gui welcomes the heart, the organ is exhausted, but it should still be "handless, reach the hand must be captured", and finally it will be a prisoner.

(Lei Junyi Wang Mingjian, Yunnan Province, Lei Junyi, Wang Mingjian || Responsible Editor Zhao Yuhang) (Editor: Wang Hao, Ma Chang).