Why is the revolutionary old district Nanping that "red flag does not fall"


Why is the revolutionary old district Nanping that "red flag does not fall"

Nanping is one of the first to build a party in Fujian Province, one of the first places where armed struggle banner is, is the place where "red flag is not inverted". Nanping said the north, it is a red holy place, writing a magnificent revolutionary historical painting, making a significant contribution to the victory of the Chinese revolution.

One of the first parties in Fujian Province, one of the first places of the armed struggle, under the influence of the May 4th, in order to seek the truth of saving the people, and accepted Marxismism. Yang Mao, who is studying in Beijing, has established an intimate teacher and student friendship with Li Dazhao, and has obtained the well-being of Li Dazhao, and the "Establishment" half-monthly magazine, which is established in Peking University, promotes new ideas, and conducts students’ movement; in Nanjing Jinling University; Xu Jun, Xu Huai, etc. There is also a group of youths in Shanghai, Hankou, Fuzhou and other places. They have successively joined the Chinese Communist Party or Communist Youth League, which has become the earliest revolutionary leadership in North Fujian. In 1926, Summer, Yang Mao, Ge Yuexi, Pan Zuomin, etc., in contact with the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Central Committee, and the establishment of the party work in the North China, officially established in July, the first party organization in North Fujian – The Chinese Communist Party of the Branch of the Communist Party of China, and the secretary of Zi Yuexi. North Fujian became one of Fujian to establish one of the people of the Communist Party of China. After the party’s eight seven conference, the Party Central Committee sent Chen Zhaoli and Xu pro returned to the Nobei Reconstruction Party Organization. At the end of July 1927, the CCP Chong’an Special Branch and Xu Shun were established. In early August, Chen Zhaoli went to Jianye and Ge Yuexi, etc. Subsequently, the CPC Jianli County Party Committee and the Chong’an County Committee of the Communist Party of China have been established.

The establishment of the Party Organization of the North Fujian has entered a new historical stage. In the first half of 1928, the Chong’an County Committee implemented the Spirit of the Chapter VIP and the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee instructions, actively conducting the preparation of armed rocks, launching the masses, establishing a civil society, raising weapons, and expanding armed forces.

Two "Shangmei riots", execute the reactionary molecules, burns the landlord debt, and break the position.

The riosity area rapidly expanded to many villages in Chong’an and Pucheng, the fire of the land revolution burned all over the land of the North.

Since then, I launched a riots (and) farmers’ rivers (and) the construction (瓯) Song (Xi) centered on Songxi Road. These riots have achieved the establishment of the Evolution of the North Revolutionary According to Chong’an Revolutionary Base.

Creating a "Fang Zhimin" model Suichi, North Fujian, is a relatively independent Soviet area.

In July 1930, the North is divided into the leaders of the Northeast Northeast, and then becoming an important part of the revolutionary basis of the Fujian and Zhejiang.

The 55th regiment of the Red Army in the North, more than 1,500 warriors in the tips went to the northeast of Yin, and the 10th Army of the Chinese Workers’ Red Army was built.

In April 1931 and September 1932, Fang Zhimin, Zhou Jianping led the red 10 army into the north, giving the Minbian Kuomintang army with heavy blow, and strongly consolidated the North Fujian. The Northern and Zhangjiang North Revolutionary base combines Marxism theory and the actual situation of China, and bravely innovates, and creates many revolutionary methods for China’s national conditions. During the champion of Shangmei, Chong’an established the "People’s Bureau" and truly embodied the nature of the people’s regime. Fang Zhi Min was extremely concerned with the Minbian Revolutionary Base, and the multi-party guidance, and sent Huang Dao, Huang Li Gui, Wu Xianxi and other large number of cadres to the Minbei Soviet area responsible for leadership. Since then, take the Huang Dao as the Secretary of the Communist Party Committee, learn Fang Zhimin’s experience in the northeastern Soviet area, adhere to the principle of armed struggle and the development of political construction, military construction, and economic construction, carry out the land revolution, strengthen the construction of party organizations, The Soviet regime has established a Soviet policy, making the Wavy development of the North Fujian District. In the construction of political power, the North District Partition Committee proposed to rectify the Soviet work, so that it really became the Soviet of the masses. Pay attention to promoting cadres with beliefs, so that Soviet members truly represent the interests of the people and lead the masses.

In the strategic tactics, the Minbian Revolutionary According to the Ministry of Cadres, forming a complete set of guerrilla strategy tactics, flexible and mobile attack, uncomfortable, attacking the West, avoiding the deviation, playing out the new guerrilla zone.

The soldiers used only one lathe, made light institutions and several small steel guns, improved mortar shells. The mines used in the peasant riots have been promoted to Fang Zhimin’s attention to the All-Fujian Zhejiang, and played great power in the anti-"encirclement and supplement" war.

The North Soviet Union is trying to develop production, and all counties have started farmers, nitrogen, oil, carbon, tea, tea, and bamboo shoots, etc. Need.

It also established a branch of the North Fujian, set up foreign trade office in various counties, and carried out foreign trade. These efforts have developed greatly developed the Minbei Revolutionary base. Mao Zedong has repeatedly highly evaluated, and the comrades "have a good creation" in the second National Soviet Congress, "" has a good creation "" is a model worker. ", Praise the" Soviet Model Provincial ". These honors are also including the Nobei Revolutionary Base, and the Northern Fujian has contributed to the "Soviet Model Provincial".

Relying on the people to insist on "Hongqi does not fall", Zhejiang, Zhejiang, and the "three major creation" struggle methods, that is, armed withdrawal, legal struggle with armed struggle, anti-special struggle.

Zhejiang, Zhejiang, long-term belonging is neither a liberation area, not a big rear, nor the "basic region" of the enemy-occupied area, implements armed withdrawal and revenue under the implementation of the intersection of the intersection, still maintains a certain armed force, and persists the necessary self-defense struggle.

At the same time, pay attention to the combination of legal struggle with the armed struggle, so that the guerrilla armed is a strong backing of legitimate struggle.

It also launched a mass anti-special struggle, adopted an effective way to "special". In October 1943, Zhuangzheng, a special member of the CPC Fujian Provincial Party Committee, was arrested by the Kuomintang and attempted to achieve the purpose of destroying the provincial party committee with his bait.

After the provincial party committee learned, the provincial party will give a measure to truthfully, and the special implementation of the special status is truthful, and the guidelines are safely escaped when they have further implementing the deception plan, and the tissue is reported in detail, so that the possible exposed cadres can be transferred, and the special agent destroyed Fujian. The conspiracy of the Provincial Party Committee failed completely.

In 1946, when the Secretary of Fujian Provincial Party Committee, Zeng Xiying, who was reported to Yan’an, Liu Shaoqi, etc., Liu Shaoqi, etc., "three creation", "three creations".

Relying on the people, establish flesh and blood in relation to the people.

In the hard struggle, the Fujian Provincial Party Committee leads the party organizations, party members and guerrillas to learn and enhance the will, will hide, will change, will be the four major skills of the masses, even in a tough environment, still insist on doing The masses work.

The staff of the organ goes a hometown, and the combatants have also strive to learn to be the masses; put the interests of the people in the primary status, try to protect the masses, try to reduce the loss of the masses; Honorary, I would rather eat if I can’t eat it, I don’t want to give the masses. I have to wear the masses; explore the effective way of tentgeal, interlock, radiation, explosive, jumping, etc. The "Work Team" carries out the masses. Through this series of practices, truly established a community with the masses and supported the support and protection of the masses.

Relying on the people, grow the revolutionary power.

Under the environments of guerrilla, the Fujian Provincial Committee focuses on building democratic bases, strengthening the party’s construction, leading 5 parties, 2 Commission and more than 10 Workings. During the War of Liberation, the central instructions were implemented in the Fujian Zhejiang District, establishing a guerrilla column of Zhejiang and Zhejiang, actively launched a patriotic guerrilla war, established a 19 district of Nanping, Guudata and Jianye 3 county committees. At the beginning of 1949, the armed force was completed to establish the people’s guerrilla column of the Zhejiang and Zhejiang, which was later developed to 10 guerrillas to armed forces, and became an important part of life, and vigorously cooperated with the liberation army to the liberation of Fujian. (The author is the deputy director of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee.