Yang Yigang, the National People’s Congress, Yang Yigang: Yiqiang Chong Chong Chong is in the first line of completion


Yang Yigang, the National People’s Congress, Yang Yigang: Yiqiang Chong Chong Chong is in the first line of completion

Core Tip: His name is a sheet metal worker in Wuhan factory, Shenlong Automobile Co., Ltd., and he is a representative of the National People’s Congress, a national labor model, and a vice chairman of Hubei University Federation of Trade Unions. As the epidemic prevention and control situation improves, the various industries in Wuhan gradually recovered, as a party member, as a party member, take the initiative to return to the production line, help Shenlong Company to replenish production.

Wear masks, labor insurance glasses and yellow hard hats, clamping parts with clamping parts, skillfully moving welder, with splashing solder, only dozens of seconds, a body side is welded.

His name is Yang Yigang, a sheet metal worker in Wuhan factory, while he is a representative of the National People’s Congress, national labor model, and Hubei University Federation of Trade Unions.

As the epidemic prevention and control situation improves, the various industries in Wuhan gradually recovered, as a party member, as a party member, take the initiative to return to the production line, help Shenlong Company to replenish production. "I am a communist party member, I gave me a chance of life. I also regard Shen Long as my home. As long as I organize it, I will righteousness in the first line.

"Yang Yigang said." When you encounter difficulties, it is always charged in the former "doubt welding. It is the new arrangement of Yang Yigang’s new construction. Colleague Li Junyi and his same batch of completed, and it is also an old man who knows many years." Enthusiastic, will Hard, do things never push.

"In Li Junyi, Yang Yigang is an old party member. It is always charged when it encounters difficulties.

"Don’t worry, I will do it; everyone can do it, I will do it first." It is what Yang Yigang said, this is his habit.

With the Shenlong Company, the P24 new model team planted in the official listing sales in April, it was compensated in the node, but due to the traffic control of the epidemic transportation, three parts of the Wuhan factory could not return on time, there is not enough personnel Case. In order to ensure that the P24 project reached a target as scheduled, Yang Yigang took the initiative to take the first line, came to the production of three welding branch side wrap support suspended welding grid, assembled the end of the internal plate assembly.

Switker position, one soldering wipe weight 100 pounds, each parts solder joints, even if there is a balancer support, it is also necessary to spend a lot of physical strength, and if you don’t leave God, it will be welded. Deformation, glitch, extremely high for welding quality.

"The welder is the same as the needlework, find the trick, it is very easy to do." The sheet metal returning to the dosage welding and Yang Yigang is different. I will cause burns to the human body. "Hold hard, not afraid, and I just entered the Dragon Company, I have been in this position, although I haven’t had a welder, but the experience is still there." The first day of returning to copy, Yang Yigang still feels Don’t follow, through a day practice, you will find a trick, you will get more and more smoothly. "The welder and part angle must be vertical.

"In 17 years, Yang Yigang has changed a lot of positions, but no matter where he maintained the true color of party members, he was hard to study, and strive for excellence.

Yang Yigang said, as a party member, in the process of company completing indigenous processes, must be unshirkable, charge, and in order to let everyone work safety, Shenlong has also prepared it.

On the first day of starting, in order to ensure that the employee has a health and safety work environment, the "zero infection" during the completion of the work, the Wuhan plant in the factory has killed in the factory office area in advance, and set more at the factory gate. The temperature of the temperature is measured twice a day. Complete epidemic prevention measures let Yang Yigang have a "fixed pill" with colleagues.

In the familiar production first line, Yang Yong has always been very full, and he often helped the colleagues who have created three support to adjust the posture of the welder, so that they have more comfortable and work more smooth. In the "East Hai West" demand "in the effect of promoting high quality development, it is necessary to make a large number of high-quality skill talents. .

"During the two sessions last year, Yang Yigang proposed" about vigorously promoting the spirit of labor model, labor spirit and craftsman, inspiration of employees in high quality development, "inspiration comes from chatting with workers.

Yang Yigang said that in the process of practical promoting high quality development, a large number of high-quality skills are required during the "China Manufacturing 2025 Strategic Plan". First of all, we will protect employees from national levels and corporate levels. Second, many workers have suggested that they have to develop their skills, let the work more good, have certain development opportunities, becoming a craftsman, becoming a technology big, so that more employees are willing to learn technology.

After elected the representative of the National People’s Congress, Yang Yigang is more and more sense of responsibility, and collects employee opinions as much as possible, avoiding the symposium, do not want to say or dare to say, he often "with the purpose" Visites, observed the needs of employee needs in the seemingly "Dongli-wear". "I like to be listening, try to encourage them to say more, can also." Yang Yugang felt that only the real situation, master the first-hand material, so that the workers can effectively vote. This year, although due to the influence of the epidemic, Yang Yigang is still collecting suggestions and prepares for participation in this year. In recent days, Hubei, which was pressed, has begun to restart, more and more Hubei people working outside the province left home, go to the past or new job position, fight for life. But Yang Yigang found through the news, and the return of Hubei people still difficult. "The bus from some of the low-risk urban area in Hubei Province arrived at the destination, and some passengers were forced to overnight on the bus, and some because the ID card was Hubei, it was unfair treatment.

"Yang Yigang feels that you can call on everyone to view the staff of Hubei and give a fair treatment. Subsequent, Yang Yigang will also take this proposal to participate in the two sessions. In Wuhan factory welding first party branch branch, 02 side circumference In the group group, Yang Yigang also often forward positive energy messages and links related to the epidemic. In time, it is unstrust, appeals to employees to support the party and government, firmly defend the confidence of the epidemic. "As a representative of the National People’s Congress, We play a bridge role.

"Yang Yigang said, next, he will continue to find information related to the epidemic, listen to the voice from the first-line industry worker, understand everyone’s demand, take everyone’s good suggestions, good ideas to the national two sessions.

After learning "Never suspret" Shenlong Automobile Co., Ltd. Wuhan factory completed production, Yang Yigang can return to the front line, pick up the technology and retrieve the status soon, inseparable from him for many years to study and study. "In 17 years, the Shenlong Motor from Yang Yigang is more than 100,000, soldering and sheet metal, which is beneficial to the responsibility and excellent technology.

"The person in charge of the workshop said. In the eyes of colleagues, Yang Yigang is" very humble ". If you don’t understand, you will be a model, and it is also useful to upgrade skills.

According to the key difficulties in troubled on-site, he has developed more than ten kinds of sheet metal rework tools, used in a variety of different types of defects, which makes the factory rework efficiency significantly. During the epidemic, he still didn’t have it, learn the powerful APP, and Dongfeng V College APP became the "charging" main venue during his home isolation. Yang Yigang believes that if you want to do a good quality, you don’t just have a serious and responsible working attitude, you will continue to learn, learn advanced technology and good working methods.

In the busy work, he also self-edited textbooks, personal teachers, spread a large number of high-skilled talents through centralized training, collectors, etc. Li Junyi, who said, Master Yang, is very helpful. It is willing to teach all experience to everyone. It is always easy to come to everyone. After completing indigenous, the employees who come to create three support are difficult, always think about him. "From ordinary employees to national models, the National People’s Congress representatives, it is only identity, and their initial heart has not changed.

No matter how the identity changes, I will never forget that I am an ordinary first-line employee.

Do your own work, learn technology, use it, and teach your technology to more technical workers, this is what I have to do. "Yang Yigang said.

In the 197 years of Shenlong Company, Yang Yigang has always produced a first-line, dedicated, diligential progress, in the ordinary position, with his most elegant way, the most authentic feelings interpret a communist Party member’s initiality and mission.