Your ETC has expired? Beware of this fraudulent SMS! Don’t point … etc Scam – News


Your ETC has expired? Beware of this fraudulent SMS! Don’t point … etc Scam – News

[Abstract] The police reminded that don’t pass the unknown SMS, the phone, web link handling ETC business your ETC has expired? Beware of this fraudulent SMS! The police reminded that don’t have to pass the unknown SMS, the phone, the web link to handle the ETC business "" your ETC account will expire tomorrow, in order to avoid the influence, need to be upgraded, please log in to the website to complete ! "Japan, Mr. Huang, who came from Rota Town, Wanzhou District, Chongqing, received such a text message.

After opening the link included with the SMS, follow the prompts to enter the license plate number, ETC binding billing bank account, transaction password, and mobile phone number, etc., realize that Mr. Huang, immediately went to the Rota Town Police Station to consult the police. The police told him that this is a typical ETC fraud message. On December 1st, Jiang Xingsheng, the criminal special detachment political commissar of Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau, said that January to November this year, Chongqing police have received hundreds of reports on ETC fraud, and victims were cheated The amount is not equal to a few thousand yuan to tens of thousands. The quantity received by the holiday, it will be higher. Not only Chongqing, for the moment, the national police anti-fraud warning station received the warning information about ETC fraud, many people reflected the receipt of the "China ETC" "Traffic Management Bureau", "institutions" organization "about ETC," the "organization" on ETC reminds SMS, Contains unknown web links, suspected fraudulent text messages.

One of the common fraud routines for ETC is that fraudists send SMS to the user’s mobile phone number in "Guang S.", with ETC abnormalities, expires, need to upgrade or suspended to use, guide the owner Click SMS. Link. Enter the link, people found that it is a counterfeit website similar to the official website of ETC website. On the page, the owner asks the owner to enter his name, ID number, bank card account password, etc., the fraud is here to get the owner’s withdrawal information.

When the owner enters the so-called verification code from the "ETC Certification Center", the fraud is successfully transferred from the owner’s bank account. In fact, this verification code is the bank’s deduction code. Of course, not all inform ETC has an abnormal text message is a fraud. Chongqing Expressway ETC customer service staff told reporters: "We also send information to inform the user that ETC has an exception, but it will clearly tell the user to go to the website to handle related business, will not let the user click on the link to provide personal information." The reporter learned, The ETC account does not exist "expired failure", ETC car equipment renewal, failure activation, system upgrade does not require a bank account.

If the device has an abnormality, the local highway ETC WeChat public number will push relevant information to the customer, and inform the location. Therefore, when the public is handling the ETC business, there are questions that can call the official hotline or directly to the local outlets. The police remind the majority of car owners, don’t pass the unclear SMS, calls, web links to the ETC business, in principle, there is no link in the official text message. When the above situation occurs, you are looking for ETC to verify, through the official channels of ETC, do not disclose personal sensitive information to others. If it is found to be defrauded as soon as possible, the police or related banking institutions will be freeze.

(Reporter Li Guo Zheng Zheng Dun Xinzhen Zhang Yongyan) Source: Workers Daily.