Xinhua full media + 丨 Dalian epidemic


Xinhua full media + 丨 Dalian epidemic

  New China, Dalian, November 14th: Dalian Epidemics Take the Xinhua News Agency, Tai Yongjun, Zhang Yifei, Guo Xiang 13th to 24, Dalian added local new crown pneumonia confirmed patients with 60 cases, for Dalian, this round of epidemic, new and new diagnosis The case is high.

At this point, 10 days of time, Dalian has accumulated 235 cases of local confirmed cases, and 54 cases of native asymptomatic infections. At present, what is the development situation of local epidemic situation? Whether the extension line is built? Is the material supply sufficient? The reporter tracked. Wu Liang, deputy director of the national health and health committee control bureau, the aggregated feature, said that the Dalian epidemic has been developing faster in the Press Conference of the State Council. Community spread in the street, the case is mainly concentrated in the Zhuanghe City. On the 4th, Dalian reported the first round of local new coronary pneumonia confirmed cases, and the first stop of Dalian Zhuanghe City was fixed-point cold storage employees.

Subsequently, the epidemic quickly spread spread, Dalian new local confirmed cases and irreymptomatic infections had two-digit growth, just 5 days, the cumulative infected number of people broke. Yi Qingyi, secretary general of Dalian Municipal People’s Government, said that 16 cases of new crown virus genome were completed in Zhuanghe City, a new crown virus genome sequence, belonging to Delta variability.

  "This epidemic virus is high, the speed is fast, the intergeneration time is short, the condition is hidden, and it is difficult to find that there are more invisible infections in the early stage, showing the characteristics of unit aggregation, family aggregation and school aggregation." The case is mainly concentrated in Keqiang Food Company, Haikui Food Company and Zhuanghe University City.

Zhao Lian, deputy director of Dalian Health and Health Committee, said. As of 13th, the Zhuanghe University City has a 72 cases of confirmed patients including 64 students. Reporters saw outside the university city door, 6 bus Relevant personnel closed loops in succession to centralized isolation points.

There are approximately 10,000 students in the West of Zhuanghe University, have been announced, and there is a closed control, and nucleic acid detection is performed. Quickly built the defense line investigation secret secondary password over 30,000 people, Dalian launched the third round of all nucleic acid detection. In a nucleic acid detection point in Yuhua Community in Shahekou District, Dalian City, three people wearing protective clothing, three people, divided into two groups to collect nucleic acid samples for the masses, dozens of people in order to wait in order. The community staff Li Hongqiu told reporters to the residents’ registration information, she arrived at 7:30 in the morning, and the community is batch to inform the residents to detect, avoiding the risk of outcoming the epidemic caused by personnel.

  "Timely adjustment of large-scale nucleic acid detection strategies, and increase nucleic acid testing in key areas. At present, Zhuanghe City is conducting eighth round nucleic acid detection. The other regions of the city have also launched the third round of nucleic acid testing." Zhao Liao said, national and Liaoning Provincial emergency adjustment of mobile crankshake and "gas film cranks" and other testing power and personnel support Dalian, and daily detection capacity will reach 10,000 tubes. "As of now, the investigation is 1,2640 people, and the secondary has been secretly passing 19,193.

"Zhao Lian said on the 14th that the national, provincial, municipal, county fourth-level disease control team joint operation, all departments closely collaborate, accurately lock the target population, find the fastest speed to find secrets, secondary secrets. Special circumstances for the prevention and control of school epidemic Dalian requires universities to implement closed management, organized online teaching, and the city’s primary and secondary schools also launched online teaching.

  On the day of the first case of diagnosis, Dalian announced that "non-needless to close", taking measures to resolutely curb the epidemic overflow. Thereafter, Dachang continues to strengthen the pipetting measures. Wang Shaocheng, Director Dalian Transportation Bureau, said: "The ‘is not necessary to leave the’ announcement, Dalian Daily has sent 918 passengers, and passengers have fallen by the passenger ship." The supplies of the material supply is not full of fundamental life demand in Zhuanghe City. A pharmacy, a staff is answering the phone, record the patient’s purchase, and the other two staff is picking medicine according to orders, packing.

In an open road, except for the volunteers of the supplies, there are trucks that are transported rice, facial living materials. "Choose 20 large-scale residential life security supplies, 15 convenient drug houses, 14 food restaurants, by adopting community purchases, residential online ordering online distribution, community staff and volunteers point-free pointless access to home home The way, guarantees the basic life demand of residents, and the daily distribution of more than 4 million orders, more than 300 tons. "Sun Mengli, the Mayor of Zhuanghe City, said that more than 4,000 volunteers of the Zhuanghe organization cadres and street community volunteers are enriching the community and community convenience Service position. Sun Gongli said that, at present, Zhuanghe City supplies (commercial super) supply companies are stable, and the reserves are about 1600 tons. The current reserve situation can effectively protect the basic life demand for urban residents, follow-up reserves are still in progress.

  "Dalian has taken a strong measures to ensure smooth and stable market supply.

"Wang Shaocheng said that Dalian has set truck special channels and drainage channels in the expressway port.

  "Dalian City launches life necessities guarantee contact mechanism, urges major vegetables wholesale markets, business super and fresh chain supermarkets and meat wholesale backbone enterprises to increase procurement, emergency transport materials, improve replenishment speed, and ensure the market supply.

"Director Dalian Municipal Bureau of Commerce said that the current monitoring market and large commercial super vegetable sales prices have declined significantly.

(Participate in reporters: Zhang Boqun).