Weima M7 world initiative, 3 solid laser radar +4 orin-x chip


Weima M7 world initiative, 3 solid laser radar +4 orin-x chip

Under the influence of the Global Environment, the advantages of intelligent new energy vehicles have gradually obvious, and the market pattern has become more and more broad, and has become a trust of many families. Weima Automobile is committed to the leader of users, and the participants in the future, the sustainable practitioners continue to launch a variety of intelligent new energy models.

Weima EX5, Weimar W6, etc., the Weima Automobile, is a SUV model. The Weima Automobile is also continuously upgrading its development strategy based on market and user demand.

Some time, Weima Auto SUV + sedan double line layout was officially kicked off, and Weima Auto’s first full-time intelligent pure electric car Wimmay M7 was amazing. The more technology is, the closer to the form of life, this is the research and development concept and direction of Weim M7. The Weima M7 is the first product of the Weima Automobile Master Series, which is given superior knowledge, super power, super-cultivation power, is the first full-time smart mobile space of Weima, represents the new of Weima Intelligent product development concept. First of all, Weim M7 is equipped with 32 top smart driving perception hardware, which can greatly improve the perception of the vehicle.

Secondly, Weima M7 also equipped with 3 autonomous zoom high-strike-specific solid laser radar, laser radar level detection ranged from 330. The leading MEMS solid-state laser radar technology is not only safer, reliable, and energy consumption has also achieved significant reduction. Furthermore, Weima M7 is also equipped with 7 8 megapixel HD cameras, the farthest detection distance exceeds 600 meters, which can accurately identify various types of information on the road.

Finally, Weima M7 also equipped with 4 ORIN-X top automatic driving chips, the maximum force is up to 1,016 TOPS.

It is worth mentioning that the smart driving algorithm of Weima is also continuous learning, optimization, and iteration, believe this can make Weim M7’s smart driving system more secure and reliable. Weima M7 is expected to achieve mass production within 2022, and its own high-order intelligent driving ability can bring intelligence and beautiful driving experience for more and more Chinese families! Editor in charge: kJ005.