United Nations human rights experts: US State Council "Justice Reward" plans to infringe with human rights


United Nations human rights experts: US State Council "Justice Reward" plans to infringe with human rights

People’s Network Brussels April 16 (Reporter Zhang Penghui) On April 14, the local time, the United Nations expert experts have published a statement that the US anti-terrorism project "Justice Reward" infringes the human rights of the relevant groups.

This statement is published by the United Nations Human Rights Council through special procedures, participating in experts, including the "United Nations unilateral mandatory measures on the negative impact of human rights" Special Rapporteur Alena Duo Duo, etc.

The statement said that the US State Council "Justice Reward" is designed to obtain information about the US government to identify and terrorism, but have not been accused of any crime of people through money rewards, claiming that foreign individuals related to terrorism. Work with the US government, you can also get money from the US government.

Many-Han pointed out that many of the US "Justice Reward" project have been deprived of legitimate procedures, fair trials, etc., but according to international law, the United States is obliged to respect these rights. The project can lead to information that may lead to arresting these people through rewards, actually in encouraging other people to participate in these rights.

According to the US "Justice Reward" project provides financial rewards to foreign individuals who are suspected of participating in terrorist activities or identifying entities involving terrorist activities to participate in terrorist activities, and threaten sanctions without the US government. This type of sanctions affect the rights of the relevant people, free action, reputation, life rights, and forgotten rights.

Duo Han said that according to the definition of the ILO-related protocol, forced individuals to perform tasks in violation of their will, and constitute forced labor with penalty. The United States identifies this definition, and treaties such as the "International Convention on Civil and Political Rights" approval have also prohibited forced labor. The multihan urges the US government to review its "justice reward" project to ensure that the actions of the US government are in line with international law, and in accordance with the "United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy" against terrorism.

The multi-Han emphasized that this human rights issue has been issued to the US government based on responsibilities, but it has not yet received any response to the US government. (Editor: Liu Ye Ting, Liu Hui) Sharing let more people see.