Xiji Culture City officially opened, build a new model of "sauce + culture + tour"


Xiji Culture City officially opened, build a new model of "sauce + culture + tour"

  Investing about 200 million yuan, over more than 700 day and night construction, on December 10, Xiji Culture City was officially opened. This is a comprehensive pavilion based on the essence of Chinese traditional culture and learning and wine culture, based on ecological sustainable concepts, forming integrated cultural, master history, learning wine, and enjoying beauty as a comprehensive exhibition hall.

Learning Culture City Enable Ceremony.

  The former deputy director of the Standing Committee of Guizhou Province, Chairman of Guizhou Linglianyuan, the original Honorary Director of the Wenxi Hall, Guiji, the Honorary President of the Junjun Institute, Yuan Wei, deputy director of the Guizhou Cultural and Tourism, Yuan Wei, Moutai Group Party Committee, Wanbo, the Standing Committee of the Xihui County Committee, the executive deputy magistrate Liu Minggui, the general manager of Maotai Group, the party committee secretary, chairman Zhong Fangda, the party committee, general manager Wang Diqiang, etc. Attendance ceremony.

Gu Qi’s speech. Gu Qi’s speech is deeply recalled with the hardships of the hardships and the hardships of the hardships and the responsibility of the benefitan.

He said that the learning wine is truly invested in poverty, actively engages in the protection of Chi Shuihe protection, fully reflecting the self-improvement of the learning wine, and the thickness of the virtues. The completion of learning the cultural city will always remember the history of disappointment, and through the long wind in the new era, break through the waves and Tongjianghai.

Yuan Wei delivered a speech. Yuan Wei called the successful congratulations on Xiji Cultural City. I hope that I will build a new landmark on the Chi Shuihe River, a card point, becoming a high-quality tourist destination for tourists, and then promoting consumption to promote local economic development. To promote the development of wine brigade, enhance the influence of Guizhou’s tourism industry. Zhong Fang fulreditedly.

  Zhong Fangda said that learning wine will rely on cultural city, continuously enrichment of cultural connotation and extension, highlight cultural empowerment high quality development, and vigorously construct a new model of "sauce + culture + tour", extending new brigade Chain, create the most charming ecological business card, cultural imprint, and industry highland. Wan Bo, Zhong Fangda unveiled in Xiji Jun Institute.

  Committed to studying and spreading the aesthetic value of the monarch, continues to enforce the cultural culture of the learning wine, and Xijie Company decided to set up the Xijun Jun Institute.

At the ceremony, Wanbao, Zhong Fangda unveiled in Xiji Jun Institute.

Jiji Cultural City Memorial Wine release. In order to commemorate the Living Cultural City, the learning wine company specializes in the study of the wine cultural city commemorative wine, and is released on the ceremony. Here, the beauty of wine with historical significance and collection is officially unveiled. Xiji Culture City officially opened.

  After the ceremony, the leadership and guests jointly went into Xiji Cultural City 2nd Museum and the Experience Experience.