Xinjiang Market Supervision Bureau studies and implements the spirit of the 10th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region


Xinjiang Market Supervision Bureau studies and implements the spirit of the 10th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region

After the end of the 10th Party Congress of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau arranged the first time to deploy the whole system to quickly convey the spirit of learning conference.

From November 3rd to 4, Xu Xiaoning, member of the Party Secretary, went to the Market Supervision Bureau to Helu County, Mo Yumu County, Lop-Town, Moyu County, and the resident cadres and the masses to learn the tenth time in the autonomous region. Party Congress spirit. Xu Xiaon said that the tenth party congress made a clear requirement for the implementation of the Treatment of the Party of the New Times, in order to do a good job in "visit Huiju", the direction of the village. Inspire the problem-oriented "focusing on the overall goals of the autonomous region, maintain a long-term stable and long-term stability of the social overall situation".

It is necessary to grasp the work, a link to a link to promote "visit Huiju" resident Task Force has achieved new greater results. To enhance the cohesiveness of the grassroots party organization, the combat power is the starting point, develop party members, cultivate backbone, strong organization, standardize, and create a never-ending "Tang". " "Focusing on the total goals of the autonomous region, vigorously protect the improvement of people’s livelihood, improve the well-being of all ethnic groups", and consolidate the results of the poverty attack. To serve as, attack hard, continue to increase the improvement of agriculture and forest fruit industry, and cultivate the development of the characteristics. In the consolidation of expanding the effectiveness of the poverty and the effectiveness of the rural revitalization, strengthen the monitoring and early warning, resolutely prevent the return of the poverty, to build unity and harmony, prosperity and rich, civilized progress, homesome, ecological, good new era, new era, new era Chinese characteristic socialist Xinjiang contribute.

The requirements of the "total target, continuous casting of the Chinese nation" proposed around the autonomous region, and effectively strengthen the national unity.

We must profoundly understand the national unity is the lifeline of the people of all nationalities in Xinjiang. "Visiting Hui" resident team must enter the field of field, into the garden of the masses, promote all levels of Huimin policy, communicate with the masses, and the masses Take the same life with labor, to achieve "zero distance" with the people of the people. It is necessary to start from every small matter of national unity, organize cultural network of cultural networks in the village, strengthen communication, and improve understanding.

The village cadres should work in practical work, with a high sense of responsibility and strong mission, and implement the spirit of the conference to practice, condensed, pragmatic innovation, and see the effectiveness. (Xinjiang Market Supervision) (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting) Sharing let more people see.