Keep staring at "I am very embarrassed" and get better than the people’s health guards.

Promoting the construction of Medical Federation is an important measures for the unparallelastization of medical and health resources in Chengxiang, Hebei Province.

In recent years, Hebei has successively issued the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Construction and Development of Medical Association", 新茶嫩茶微信上海 "Hebei Provincial Medical Federation of Medical Federation Construction Pilot Work Plan", as of now, the province has established 320 medical associations (City Doctors) 55 in the United States, 265 county medical funds), including 2,627 membership units, each city and county built more than 1 tight medical profit, achieving all coverage of urban and counties; integrated into the medical profession 1565 resource 上海品茶论坛高端 sharing centers such as pathology, 215 medical practitioners can provide telemedicine services for 1298 grassroots medical institutions. Accelerate the promotion of medical and health resources to sink to the grassroots, and the medical profit of the hospital sent 2410 intermediate-level physicians to stationed 1964 township hospitals and 290 community health service centers.

In the process of carrying out the practice of "I do practical things for the masses", we take the initiative to understand what the masses want to expect, planning a large number of public health services and public hospital construction projects around the masses. Currently, 3 major epidemic treatment base projects It has been implemented; the construction project of 4 provincial regional medical centers, 3 completed draft reports, 1 project; in accordance with the provincial leadership information on the Rehabilitation Center project "should adhere to the operation of market-oriented mode", increase medical care Institutional construction promotes. Up to now, 138 counties, municipalities and districts (not included in the main city of each city) have built a rehabilitation center to achieve full coverage.

At the same time, planning a total of 149 projects in the construction of infectious diseases (hospital districts), gynecological hospitals (hospital districts), and children’s hospitals, of which 51 projects have been completed, and 98 projects are being fully promoted. The planning and implementation of these projects have been intended to improve the facility conditions of the province’s medical and health institutions, and further construct a full-scale health and health service pattern. The people seek medical treatment is constantly enhanced. In addition, we have also vigorously implemented grassroots health care services, add 21,750 new community health service points, these service points and 346 community health service centers, 1139 community health service stations, jointly formed a powerful Community Health Service Network.

The proportion of the province’s township hospitals and community health services (stations) and village health rooms have achieved 93%, 97%, 98%, respectively … this allows the grassroots masses to enjoy quality medical services at home.