Since Xuanzai believes in this Qianyu,Explain that its nature is not bad!


It’s probably really because of someone’s stimulation that caused the loss of control……
Then if he is imprisoned on Huxin Island,Maybe Ma Xiaotao and Qianyu can promote each other!
After all, the talents of the two are rare in Shrek for thousands of years!
Ma Xiaotao,Only twenty years old,Soul power level will reach the soul emperor!
Not to mention this Qianyu,Twelve years old!Soul power level reached Soul Sect!!
What a terrifying talent this is?
Under the hopeful eyes of the middle-aged man,Moon took a deep breath,“I agreed!but,During detention,Never allow Qianyu to leave Huxin Island half a step,otherwise,Consequences,Borne by you!”
The middle-aged man rejoiced“Yes!Thank you Mu Lao!!”
Thus,Ma Xiaotao can avoid the trouble of lust,And during this time,Her cultivation speed will definitely speed up a lot!
“Click”The gate of the detention facility was opened again……
There was a bit of dawn again in this dark place……