Summer night,After satiated,Old man Kang led Zhang Muyang to make a set of Baduanjin。Correct,Baduanjin。38Years later, when Geng Zi came to the menacing new crown virus epidemic,TCM treatment is effective,Baduanjin has become one of the important means to enhance people’s immunity。


For thousands of years,Baduanjin has entered the house,You can understand this is a set of gymnastics,One trick is very simple,Much easier than most square dances。But Baduanjin is indeed a qigong method,It is a set of physical fitness methods passed down after thousands of years of tempering。
Zhang Muyang did it again,Whisper in my heart,What about the legendary Kung Fu?
Old man Kang observes his words,How can you not know what a child is thinking,So stop,Sang,Dialects are not easy to communicate,Then continue singing。Roughly means:Don’t think the action is too ordinary,One move with true power,Rise from the ground,Every brick and tile is useful。From the eye to the hand to the heart,All the internal organs are useful。Ten years of hard work,Needless to say to keep fit,Easy to hear and see,Strengthen your hands and feet,Three and five people are hard to get close。
Leading Zhang Muyang to talk and practice,Demonstrate three times in a row。Old man Kang told Zhang Muyang,Practice morning and evening,Practice at least every time9all over,This is daily homework,One day is not allowed to fall。After a period of time,The condition that has troubled you for many years will change significantly。
Old man Kang has kung fu,I’m worried that this little disciple won’t approve,Show up again。Take the wooden mallet for washing clothes by the wall,Hold both hands in opposite directions and rub,Sawdust falling down on hand,Hands loose,The grip is a big circle。
Old man Kang clap his hands,Relaxed attitude,Seems to have never used force。Zhang Muyang’s eyes stared like bells,Brothers Zhang Yuzhu and Zhang Jian were also dumbfounded、Amazed。
Watching Master Kong go south and north by himself,It turned out to be a tall man with kung fu!
Zhang Muyang never saw this,Have a good sense of learning,Both hands are red,Of course the wooden mallet won’t move,I pulled Old Man Kang’s hand and touched it again,But it’s not the calluses in your imagination。Damn,If only I had such a pair of hands。
Old man Kang’s family history,All kung fu is concentrated on one hand。In Zhang Muyang’s treatment,Actually, it’s not that simple。everybody knows,Illness comes like a mountain and goes like a thread,Zhang Muyang’s deficit for so many years,You still have to lay the foundation of your body first。How good?Practice Baduanjin,This is the basis,I can only rely on myself for my body,It’s not easy to rely on medicine or something。
The second step is massage。Some diseases,Conventional medicine is difficult to achieve,This is normal。A respectable old military doctor said on TV,All diseases,One-third can be cured without treatment,One-third can be cured,One-third incurable。
Like a cold,There is no cure,Clinical western medicine treatment can only reduce inflammation and kill viruses,Just relieve symptoms、Relieve pain,Really getting better,Is carried over by the body’s immunity。Very contradictory,Incurable,But I can be better。
Chinese medicine is different,According to the Five Elements Theory of Chinese Medicine,One thing drops one thing,The most difficult disease,There will always be a chance。You are like Zhang Muyang,In the opinion of Old Man Kang,It may be congenital heart disease,Maybe not,It does not matter,The important thing is that all diseases must be treated,Let’s choose an appropriate path for treatment,Old man Kang really wants to try,Can my massage technique cure the child’s illness?。
Massage Heart Sutra、Pericardium,Strengthen the effectiveness of meridians,Meridian is connected,The symptoms are fine。Massage is very effective in dredging the meridians,Early stage,External influence,Just give him a massage,Help him clear the meridian、Strong meridian function。usually,Have to rely on his own efforts,Seek inward,Maintenance from the inside out。
Next,Old man Kang gives Zhang Muyang a full body massage,Ask him to remember the process of his massage,Especially the order of massage,Follow this order in the future,Press yourself。
Zhang Muyang lying on the kang,Old man Kang stands in front of the kang,from head to foot,Chest back,Pinch,Over an hour,Zhang Muyang is full of steam,A piece of bruise on the back,Zhang Muyang didn’t realize it,Fell asleep faintly。